"Tiz is one of those people you love to work with. Her amazing creativity, confidence, enthusiasm and sense of humour are a breath of fresh air and make any project more enjoyable... and ultimately more successful. She’s also extremely versatile. No matter what’s thrown at her she always comes through with excellent work that goes well beyond expectation. Having Tiz on your team means you can relax... you’re in good hands."

- Scot McDonald, Full Frame Productions Inc.

"What we enjoyed most about working with Tiz was the easy communication and exchange of ideas. We came to her with a vague idea of what we wanted and from that, Tiz used her intuition and creative skills to come up with a logo that artfully encapsulates the essence of our project. She was very open to our suggestions as we worked through different versions, and was able to guide us when we weren't sure about next steps. We really loved working with her and we love the logo she designed for us!"

- Jo-Anne McArthur & Keri Cronin, The Unbound Project

"Tiz is an absolute joy to work with. She’s very talented – but that’ll be obvious from the work you see here. The value-added is the way in which she works with clients. Tiz is extremely responsive in all the most important ways. She’s fast and never misses a deadline. She responds to feedback quickly and effectively. One of the things I like most about working with Tiz: she listens to client input with great respect and an open mind but is not afraid to speak up when she thinks we’re off-base. And she has such integrity that I’d recommend her for any project that she wants to take on. Tiz wouldn’t go for if she didn’t know that she could deliver."

- Helen Slinger, Bountiful Films

"Tiz Beretta is that unique blend of talent and attitude. Creative, cutting edge, cost-efficient, and most importantly, ‘can do.’ What more can you ask for?"

- Maureen Palmer, Bountiful Films

"Tiz possess outstanding creative and technical skills. Add to that her professionalism, calm demeanor under pressure and positive personality and you have a huge asset to any project or team."

- Joe Truesdell, Technical Director